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Essential evidence in an impaired driving case can be highly time sensitive (eg. drink tabs) and lost to the defence if not secured immediately. If you require legal information or assistance in relation to an impaired driving related offence we encourage you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after being charged.

The Edmonton based law firm of Dawson Duckett Shaigec & Garcia, Barristers can assist you with any questions you might have with your impaired driving charge or to conduct your defence in court. We have extensive experience defending impaired driving cases across Alberta. One of our lawyers has even obtained certification as an Intoxilyzer Breath Technician, with instrument certification on several of the most common testing devices used in Alberta, in order to better defend our clients’ interests.

To better serve our clients the firm operates a branch office in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

For more detailed information about our firm and our lawyers please click on or call us at:

Edmonton Main Office (780) 424-9058
Toll Free (anywhere in Alberta): 1 800 661-3176

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